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What other systems does GIRnet integrate with?

GIRnet has a wide range of Web Services and APIs that allow its integration with whatever system the client may have, both to receive data and transfer this. Integration with POS, Payroll, Accounting, and all types of ERP systems is very common.

Why doesn't GIRnet have a POS/TPV module?

One of our values is Specialization. Our goal is to be the best at what we do, not to be an "all-in-one" software. We believe that the evolution of the market has proved this strategic vision to be correct, the market's most successful top level technological solutions are specialized tools with a high capacity for interconnection with other systems. At the same time, we like to focus our creativity and efforts on developing features that represent true novelties in the market. We have many colleagues who have been developing POS systems for some time and are already providing these solutions. GIRnet integrates with all of them.

My POS is not on your list, how can I integrate it with GIRnet?

Of course, every day new POS systems are integrated with GIRnet, we have the necessary tools for your POS provider to do this quickly and easily. At the same time, if your POS data is centralized, our integration team can also easily carry out the integration with read-only access to your database.

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